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demonte x julibaker and summer



Demonte " Ride Your Story " project
Collab with @julibakerandsummer

This painting from the perspective of a cyclist inspired me. Consider going for a bike ride in the summer when the sky is clear. flowers in bloom should view the landscape on the side of the road as soon as you ride the bike, which is an abstract picture similar to the pattern designed.

A new unboxing project from Demonte that unites the art world to a cycling shirt !!
Introducing "Khun Phaan" Chanaradee Chatrakul Na Ayudhya A.K.A Juli Baker and Summer, the famous Thai artist with unique bright colors signature.

Ride your story project is a special project from Demonte cycling that Demonte will collaborate with well-known artists from all genres, both Thai and international to promote their artwork and support the art industry.
You can follow the special project "ride your story" like this only from Demonte!

Ride your story


              demonte x julibaker and summer