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Demonte was established in 2015 until now , Demonte Is a manufacturer of cycling jersey in Thailand and we are proud to be producing an international quality cycling apparel locally , For 6 years in cycling industry we produce quality cycling jersey for customers and we sure our customers are just as proud to wear Demonte jersey as we are proud to producing them.

“ When customers think of Demonte , they think of beautiful design , excellent material, good quality and workmanship ” Tanat Prechanot Founder

Bighorn sheep are named for the large curved horns sheep. Them generally inhabit alpine meadows grassy mountain slopes, and foothill country near rugged, rocky cliffs and bluff. Bighorns are well adapted to climbing steep terrain, rocky slopes and can withstand many harsh conditions both weather and environment.

" Demonte" in mean mountain, A logo was inspired from Bighorn sheep to represent the endurance of the ride : throughout the cycling route, Cyclist will always be faced with different challenging conditions to complete their race or cycling. They still endure in terrible conditions like the Bighorn sheep strength, which able to live in situations where life is difficult, animals are hoofed but on cliff and that we call "tough"

" Cycling is like finding an identity along the way, RIDE YOUR STORY and write your journal"